About this Test

Our online “Is it Dyslexia?” test was developed by Ron Davis’ Reading Research Council, based on a set of questions that are routinely used with children and adults seeking help from the Davis Dyslexia Correction program.

Completing the online evaluation will give users a profile of specific areas of strength and weakness, and will also highlight the ways in which specific problems can be addressed.

This assessment was designed primarily as an educational tool. Completing the questions will help the user develop a better understanding of various characteristics of dyslexia. The results will provide a better understanding of the individual who completed the survey. The broad scope of questions will help identify learning patterns that are commonly associated with dyslexia. It will also help parents and teachers appreciate that symptoms of dyslexia extend beyond difficulties with reading or spelling.

A short online assessment like this cannot provide a formal diagnosis of dyslexia, as that would require in-person testing by a qualified professional, such as an educational psychologist. However, awareness of symptoms and patterns can give individuals information that will help determine whether formal testing is appropriate or necessary.

It can also provide parents and teachers with information that can be used to develop an educational plan for a student, or to help guide individuals in choosing the best program to address problems that are highlighted with the assessment.